Our delicious barbecue dishes are based on authentic Greek recipes brought straight from Zacharo, Greece. Our slow-roasted meats are cooked over wood-fire and constantly tended by expert chef Tim Terzis. We use only the best all-natural raw Mesquite charcoal delivering the most tasty, juicy and satisfying premium cuts of pork, lamb, beef, salmon, and chicken.

Authentic  Appetizers

  • Greek Meatballs

  • Pita Bread w/ Tzatziki or Hummus

  • Marinated Mushrooms

  • Vegetable, Fruit & Cheese

  • Grape Vine-leaf Dolmades

  • Spanakopita

Slow-Roasted and Barbecue Entrees

  • Pork

  • Lamb

  • Beef

  • Chicken Breast

  • Salmon

  • Hamburgers

Delicious Side Dishes

  • Greek Salad

  • Caesar Salad

  • Potato & Macaroni Salad

  • Orzo Salad

  • Tim's Original Pasta Salad

  • Roasted Vegetables

  • Dinner Rolls

  • Roasted Red Potatoes

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Slow-roasted Pork
Pita Bread with Tzatziki
Grape Vine-leaf Dolmades
Tim’s Original
Pasta Salad



Grilled Chicken Breasts
Pita Bread with Hummus
Greek Salad
Roasted Red Potatoes
This menu requires
an onsite kitchen.



Grilled Salmon
Marinated Mushrooms
Cheese Platter
Orzo Salad
Roasted Seasonal Vegetables
This menu requires
an onsite kitchen.