Stark Street Espresso

Our friendly and warm baristas serve the freshest espresso and coffee drinks you can find. In addition to espresso, coffee and tea, we also serve ice cream, italian sodas, iced drinks, and real fruit smoothies. Stay local and support a family-run business in your community. Try adding Stark Street Espresso to your morning routine for a unique and memorable experience to start your day!


Open Weekdays at 5:30am!

Open Weekends at 6:30am!

Tim's BBQ Roasting


Our delicious BBQ dishes are based on authentic Greek recipes brought straight from Zacharo, Greece. Our slow-roasted meats are cooked over woodfire and constantly tended by expert chef Tim Terzis. We use only the best all-natural raw Mesquite Charcoal delivering the most tasty, juicy and satisfying premium cuts of pork, lamb, goat and turkey.

Zacharo, Greece

Breakfast Served at 5:30am!

Lunch Served at 11am!